Instructions for presenters

Oral presentations in parallel sessions

Presentations shall be maximum 12 minutes to leave a few minutes for discussion.

Please bring your presentation on a USB stick before the session starts. This can be done during coffee or lunch breaks. If an intermezzo precedes your session, please make sure to upload the presentation in the break before the intermezzo.

A projector and PC will be available in all session rooms.

Poster presentations

Posters scheduled for the morning sessions are put up at the start of the symposium day and put down before/during the lunch break. Posters scheduled for afternoon sessions are put up during lunch. Poster size shall not exceed 150 cm height x 95 cm wide. Larger posters cannot be displayed.

The poster sessions will be held in the main hall Norðurbryggja. The poster stands are not numbered, first come, first served! We will provide help and materials for setting up the posters.

There are three poster sessions in total: one on Thursday June 13 and two on Friday June 14. Please make sure which session your poster is registered for.

Sessions 2 is held before lunch (Friday), and sessions 1 and 3 are post lunch (Thursday and Friday). Authors are expected to be available to present the poster and discuss it with symposium participants during coffee breaks.



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