Session P1:1. Life Expectancy Change in the Nordic Region

Chair: Sven Drefahl

Day: Thursday June 13

Time: 10:30-11:45
Room: Kaldalón

  1. When Danes have only 15 years left to live: Implications of linking retirement age with life expectancy. Álvarez, Jesús-Adrán (University of Southern Denmark), Malene Kallestrup-Lamb, and James W. Vaupel (Download Abstract)

  2. The semi-supercentenarian mortality plateau in Sweden. Broström, Göran (Umeå University) (Download Abstract)

  3. One year per decade? The increase in life expectancy of individuals with disease compared to the general population. Meyer, Anna (Karolinska Institute), Sven Drefahl, Anders Ahlbom, and Karin Modig (Download Abstract)

  4. Is the life expectancy increase in Norway over the past decade inflated? Syse, Astri and Anders Sønstebø (Statistics Norway) (Download Abstract)



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