Poster session 2: Migration, Segregation and Labor Market outcomes

Day: Friday June 14

Time: 10:00-10:45
Room: Norðurbryggja

PO2:1. Aradhya, Siddartha, Eleonora Mussino, and Marianne Tønnessen (Statistics Norway, Stockholm University): Syrians in Sweden and Norway: Changing demography, changing integration (Download abstract)

PO2:2. Braack, Mirko K. (University of Rostock) and Nadja Milewski: Mixed couples and gender attitudes in European countries (Download abstract)

PO2:3. Brynefelt, Pernilla (Statistics Sweden): Young children domestic migration (Download abstract)

PO2:4. Dzamarija, Minja Tea (Statistics Norway): 50 years of Norwegian migration history: Is it possible to measure diversity? (Download abstract)

PO2:5. Eskelinen, Niko (University of Turku), Jani Erola, Johanna Kallio, Markus Keski-Säntti, and Tiina Ristikari: Secondary education and timing and accumulation of family background disadvantages in Finland (Download abstract)

PO2:6. Garp, Linus: From Germany to Syria in 150 years (presented by Petter Wikström, Statistics Sweden) (Download abstract)

PO2:7. Gurzo, Klara (Stockholm University): Peer relations and intergenerational income mobility (Download abstract)

PO2:8. Härtull, Camilla (Åbo Akademi University): Income and income poverty of Swedish speakers and Finnish speakers in Finland (Download abstract)

PO2:9. Heleniak, Timothy (Nordregio): How governments categorize Arctic Peoples (Download abstract)

PO2:10. Johansson, Tomas (Statistics Sweden): Estimation of immigration purposes (Download abstract)

PO2:11. Kawalerowicz, Juta (Stockholm University): Segregations at different scales in Swedish cities and its association with intermarriage (Download abstract)

PO2:12. Kujala, Pietari (University of Turku) and Johanna Kallio: Fear of crime and anti-immigrant sentiments in Europe 2010–2016 (Download abstract)

PO2:13. Lanzieri, Giampaolo (European Commission - Eurostat): Third demographic transition in Europe? An answer based on current demographic conditions (Download abstract)

PO2:14. Luukkonen, Juha (University of Helsinki), Pekka Martikainen, Matti Sarvimäki, and Elina Einiö: Industrial automation and labor market outcomes of different sociodemographic groups (Download abstract)

PO2:15. Schwanitz, Katrin (University of Tallinn): Young adults' domestic comfort at home: Inter-generational time exchanges in 7 countries (Download abstract)

PO2:16. Serratos-Sotelo, Luis (Lund University): Were there long-term economic effects of exposure to Polio Vaccination? An analysis of migrants to Sweden 1957-2001 (Download abstract)

PO2:17. Steinkellner, Alice (Statistics Norway): Family immigration 1990-2018 (Download abstract)

PO2:18. Thomassen, Jonne (University of Groningen): Intergenerational staying: On the geography and determinants of longstanding local family networks (Download abstract)

PO2:19. Wikström, Petter (Statistics Sweden): Refugees on the labour market (Download abstract)



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