Poster Session 3: Health, Mortality, Ageing and Labor Market Outcomes

Day: Friday June 14

Time: 14:45-15:30

Room: Norðurbryggja

PO3:1. Abuladze, Liili (Tallinn University) and Luule Sakkeus: The role of social networks and disability in survival (Download abstract)

PO3:2. Borgen, Nicolai T. (University of Oslo): Why having better peers is not always a good thing: The complex nature of peer effects (Download abstract)

PO3:3. De Leeuw, Suzanne (University of Amsterdam), Matthijs Kalmijn and Ruben van Gaalen: Sibship size and parental involvement in stepfamilies: Resource dilution with full, half and step siblings (Download abstract)

PO3:4. De Moortel, Deborah (Vrije Universiteit Brussel): Involuntary full- and part-time work: Employees’ mental health and the role of family- and work-related resources (Download abstract)

PO3:5. Einiö, Elina (University of Helsinki), Alice Goisis, and Mikko Myrskylä: Is the relationship between men’s age at first birth and midlife health changing? Evidence from two British cohorts (Download abstract)

PO3:6. Friis, Therese Lucia (Nyköping Falster Hospital): All-cause mortality in a socially deprived area of Denmark the past 50 Years (Download abstract)

PO3:7. Ivanova, Alla, Elena Zemlyanova (Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics), and Aleksandr Zubko North-western Russia and the neighbouring European countries: Comparison of mortality indicators and the role of healthcare (Download abstract)

PO3:8. Just, Alexander (University of Rostock): Additional earnings ceiling during retirement: Analysis of the effects on labour force participation in Germany (Download abstract)

PO3:9. Kähäri, Antti (University of Turku): Young, old, and the sweet: How does demographic change show up in sugar consumption? (Download abstract)

PO3:10. Kotimäki, Sanni (University of Turku): Educational differences in stress during pregnancy: Exploring the social mechanisms (Download abstract)

PO3:11. Oksuzyan, Anna, Maciej J. Dánko, Jennifer Caputo (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research), Domantas Jasilionis, and Vladimir M. Shkolnikov: Is the story about sensitive women and stoical men true? Gender differences in health after adjustment for reporting behavior (Download abstract)

PO3:12. Rau, Roland, Torsten Sauer (University of Rostock, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research), and Marcus Ebeling. Berlin's life expectancy differences are larger than among German states (Download abstract)

PO3:13. Reini, Kaarina (Åbo Akademi University), Julia Klein, and Jan Saarela: Long-term effects of sickness absence on disability pension receipt in Finland: A register-based study with over 20 years follow-up (Download abstract)

PO3:14. Riffe, Tim (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research): Boom, echo, pulse, flow (Download abstract)

PO3:15. Rizzi, Silvia (University of Southern Denmark), Maarten Wensink, Kaare Christensen, and Rune Lindahl-Jacobsen: Cancer incidence and mortality over age and time (Download abstract)

PO3:16. Schumann, Barbara (Umeå University), Erling Häggström Lundevaller, and Lena Karlsson: Perinatal mortality and weather extremes in pre-industrial societies: The role of season and ethnicity, northern Sweden 1800-1895 (Download abstract)

PO3:17. Vékás, Péter (Corvinus University of Budapest): Rotation of the age pattern of mortality improvements in the European Union (Download abstract)

PO3:18. Fonseca, Osvaldo (Umeå University), Erling Lundevaller, Scott C. Sheridan, and Barbara Schumann: Association between weather types and all-cause mortality in Stockholm, Sweden, 1991 – 2014 (Download abstract)

PO3:19. Jónsson, Brynjólfur Gauti (University of Iceland): A Bayesian model to predict life expectancy and mortality rates and assess the uncertainty in the predictions and its effect on pension fund liabilities. A case study of Icelandic pension funds (Download abstract)



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