Session P1.4 Health and Stratification Perspectives

 Chair: Astri Syse

Day: Thursday June 13

Time: 10:30-11:45

Room: Stemma

  1. When does a preterm birth lead to a disadvantage later in life: Effects on school grades. Baranowska-Rataj, Anna (Umeå University), Kieron Barclay, Berkay Özcan, Joan Costa-Font, and Mikko Myrskylä (Download Abstract)

  2. Socio-economic differences in mentalization in early parenting.
    Hautala, Helena (University of Turku) (Download Abstract)

  3. Link between cause of parental death and children’s education depends on family background. Kailaheimo, Sanna and Sanni Kotimäki (University of Turku) (Download Abstract)

  4. Parental health problems and offspring educational attainment. Remes, Hanna (University of Helsinki), Janne Mikkonen, and Pekka Martikainen (Download Abstract)



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