Session P2:1. Nordic fertility declines

Chair: Livia Oláh

Day: Thursday June 13

Time: 13:15-14:45

Room: Kaldalón

  1. Recent fertility decline in Finland is associated with a changing cultural landscape of family formation: Results from qualitative and quantitative studies. Berg, Venla (Population Research Institute; University of Helsinki), Anna Rotkirch, and Anneli Miettinen (Download Abstract)

  2. The transition to parenthood in Finland: A tale of two recessions. Comolli, Chiara (University of Lausanne) (Download Abstract)

  3. Partisan fertility response in the wake of the Great Recession in Sweden. Comolli, Chiara (University of Lausanne) and Gunnar Andersson (Download Abstract)

  4. Fertility and women’s employment in times of economic uncertainty. Lappegård, Trude (University of Oslo), Tom Kornstad, and Lars Dommermuth (Download Abstract)

  5. Evidence from Norway questions economic uncertainty as a primary driver for the recent Western fertility fall. Syse, Astri (Statistics Norway), Lars Dommermuth, and Rannveig Hart (Download Abstract)



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