Session P3.1. Population Dynamics in Iceland

Chair: Ólöf Garðarsdóttir

Day: Thursday June 13

Time: 15:30-17:00

Room: Kaldalón

  1. Is internal migration declining in Iceland? Bjarnason, Þóroddur (University of Akureyri), Ian Shuttleworth, Ólöf Garðarsdóttir, and Stefán H. Jónsson  (Download Abstract)

  2. Homosexual parents in the last fifty years in Iceland. Digoix, Marie (Ined) (Download Abstract)

  3. Rural economic development and youth outmigration: East Iceland after the Kárahnjúkar hydropower project. Jones, Bryan (City University of New York) (Download Abstract)

  4. Developing future scenarios for the population and living arrangements in Iceland using census data. Stefánsdóttir, Guðrún Berta (Statistics Iceland) and Anton Örn Karlsson (Download Abstract)

  5. 1000 years of population dynamics in Iceland. Tómasson, Helgi (University of Iceland) (Download Abstract)



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