Session P3:3. Family Ties and Domestic Migration

Chair: Karen Haandrikman

Day: Thursday June 13

Time: 15:30-17:00
Room: Ríma B

  1. Family ties and geographical mobility among older people and adult children in Sweden. Artamonova, Alena (University of Groningen), Maria Brandén and Clara Mulder (Download Abstract)

  2. Young adults’ migration to cities in Sweden: Do siblings pave the way? Mulder, Clara H. (University of Groningen), Gunnar Malmberg, and Emma Lundholm (Download Abstract)

  3. The role of family ties and family events in the propensity and direction of migration of older parents and their adult children in Norway. Thomas, Michael, J. (University of Groningen) and Lars Dommermuth (Download Abstract)

  4. Where does residential mobility end and internal migration begin? A cross-country comparison of variations in motives over distance. Thomas, Michael, J., Brian J. Gillespie (University of Groningen), and Nik Lomax (Download Abstract)

  5. Migration for co-residence in Denmark: The role of family ties and family complexity. van der Wiel, Roselinde (University of Groningen) and Lene Tølbøll (Download Abstract)



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