Session P4:2. Immigration and Family Formation

Chair: Jennifer Holland

Day: Friday June 14

Time: 10:45-12:15

Room: Ríma A

  1. Natives and migrants’ childbearing during the Great Recession: A comparison between Italy and Sweden. Alderotti, Giammarco (Sapienza University of Rome), Eleonora Mussino, and Chiara Comolli (Download Abstract)

  2. The realization of short-term fertility intentions among immigrants and children of immigrants in Sweden and Norway. Carlsson, Erik (Stockholm University) (Download Abstract)

  3. Transition to parenthood among descendants of immigrants in Norway. Dommermuth, Lars (Statistics Norway) (Download Abstract)

  4. Ethnic diversity experienced at different domains of life and the formation of partnerships with natives among migrants in Finland. Rahnu, Leen (Tallinn University), Allan Puur, and Tiit Tammaru (Download Abstract)

  5. Gendered age differences in immigrant partnerships. Uggla, Caroline (Stockholm University) and Ben Wilson (Download Abstract)



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