Session P5.1. Union Dissolution and Divorce

Chair: Glenn Sandström

Day: Friday June 14

Time: 14:30-15:45
Room: Kaldalón

  1. Growing more equal and growing apart? SES and the rise of divorce in Sweden, 1880-1970. Bergvall, Martin and Maria Stanfors (Lund University) (Download Abstract)

  2. Assortative mating across generation: How do parents and in-laws affect couples divorce risks? Kailaheimo, Sanni (University of Turku), Anette Fasang, Emanuela Struffolino, and Marika Jalovaara (Download Abstract)

  3. A Century of divorce: A study of long-term economic restructuring and the divorce rate in Sweden, 1915-2010. Stanfors, Maria (Lund University), Fredrik N. G. Andersson, and Glenn Sandström (Download Abstract)

  4. Union experience & stability of parental unions in Sweden and Norway. Thomson, Elizabeth (Stockholm University) and Jennifer Holland (Download Abstract)



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