Session P5:4. Childhood Conditions and Subsequent Health

Chair: Kieron Barclay

Day: Friday June 14

Time: 14:30-15:45

Room: Stemma

  1. Consequences of early life adversity: Evidence from parental psychiatric hospitalizations. Andersson, Elvira (Lund University) and Petter Lundborg (Download Abstract)

  2. Where you live, or who you are: The role of childhood for adult health, southern Sweden, 1900-2013. Bengtsson, Tommy (Lund University) and Luciana Quaranta (Download Abstract)

  3. Implications of childhood vulnerabilities within friendship groups for subsequent health risk behaviors and mortality. Bishop, Lauren (Stockholm University) (Download Abstract)

  4. The long-term economic effects of polio: Evidence from the introduction of the polio vaccine to Sweden in 1957. Serratos-Sotelo, Luis (Lund University), Tommy Bengtsson, and Anton Nilsson (Download Abstract)



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