Session P6:1. Fertility across Space and Time

Chair: Sunnee Billingsley

Day: Saturday June 15

Time: 09:15-10:45

Room: Kaldalón

  1. Education and childlessness among Swedish men. Chudnovskaya, Margarita (Stockholm University) (Download Abstract)

  2. Social class, income, and the timing of childbearing: Sweden 1950-2010. Dribe, Martin and Christopher Smith (Lund University) (Download Abstract)

  3. Spatial diffusion of fertility decline in northern Sweden, 1850-1950. Junkka, Johan (Umeå University) (Download Abstract)

  4. Weak support for a U-shaped pattern between societal gender equality and fertility when comparing societies across time. Kolk, Martin (Stockholm University) (Download Abstract)

  5. Educational differences in cohort fertility across sub-national regions in Europe. Nisén, Jessica (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research) et al. (Download Abstract)



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