Session P6:2. Family Complexities

Chair: Janna Bergsvik

Day: Saturday June 15

Time: 09:15-10:45
Room: Ríma A

  1. Proximate determinants for daily interaction among full siblings and half siblings. Andersson, Linus (Stockholm University) (Download Abstract)

  2. The effect of resident and non-resident children on men’s and women’s chances of (re)partnering and (re)marriage. Capkova, Klara (Stockholm University) (Download Abstract)

  3. Poor health and subsequent separation: A couple-level register study in Finland. Metsä-Simola, Niina (University of Helsinki), Elina Einiö, and Pekka Martikainen (Download Abstract)

  4. Committed to independence? An exploratory study of living apart together in contemporary Sweden. Oláh, Livia, Sz. (Stockholm University), Glenn Sandström, and Lena Karlsson (Download Abstract)

  5. (A)symmetry in perceptions of adult (step)parent-child relations. van Houdt, Kirsten (University of Amsterdam), Matthijs Kalmijn, and Katya Ivanova (Download Abstract)



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