Session P6:3. Public Health and Mortality

Chair: Matthew Wallace

Day: Saturday June 15

Time: 09:15-10:45
Room: Ríma B

  1. Exposure at work place and excess mortality in Sweden during the 1918 influenza pandemic. Bengtsson, Tommy (Lund University), Martin Dribe, and Björn Eriksson (Download Abstract)

  2. Re-examining the Spanish Flu in Scotland: Estimating excess mortality and its harvesting effect on period longevity measures. Cilek, Laura (Spanish National Research Council) (Download Abstract)

  3. Tuberculosis as risk factor for 1918 influenza pandemic outcomes. Dimka and Mamelund, Svenn-Erik (Oslo Metropolitan University) (Download Abstract)

  4. The association of extreme temperature and neonatal mortality: Swedish Sápmi 1800-1895. Karlsson, Lena (Umeå University), Erling Lundevaller, and Barbara Schumann (Download Abstract)

  5. Water, segregation and mortality: The case of Stockholm 1878-1926. Önnerfors, Martin (Lund University)(Download Abstract)



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