Session P7:2. Long-term Life Expectancy Change

Chair: Karin Modig

Day: Saturday June 15

Time: 11:15-12:30

Room: Ríma A

  1. Dynamics of life expectancy and lifespan equality. Aburto, José Manuel (University of Southern Denmark), Francisco Villavicencio and James W. Vaupel (Download Abstract)

  2. Forecasting mortality of not extinct cohorts. Rizzi, Silvia (University of Southern Denmark), Søren Kjærsgaard, Marie-Pier Bergeron Boucher, Rune Lindahl-Jacobsen, and James W. Vaupel (Download Abstract)

  3. The beginnings of the modern rise in life expectancy. Torres, Catalina (University of Southern Denmark) and Jim Oeppen (Download Abstract)

  4. Is between-sex convergence also happening in lifespan inequality? Decomposing sex differences in lifespan disparity by causes of death in Switzerland. Voigt, Mathias (Spanish National Research Council), Adrien Remund, Bernadette W. A. van der Linden, and Michael Oris (Download Abstract)



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